Sunday, December 6, 2009

Legendary minolta

Legendary Minolta MD lens

Minolta with the great reputation Leica like ?

Many people believe that leica and Minolta are a lot alike ,Differently the true is Minolta only design some SLR film body for leica, perhaps Leica just order Minolta to made for them. However , Minolta have very outstanding lens which doesn’t have anything to do with Leica.The very Minolta lens have a radioactive code with made Minolta lens very unique casting very worm soft tone.
Sadly these great lens can only be used by 4/3 and micro 4/3.

Here are some lens which I tested

Minolta 58 MD f1.4 rokker PF

Very famous in film era ,great warm cast tone .Pretty cheap compare to what you get. I got this from ebay

around 70-90 $. Also have less distortion than others 50mm lens.

Minolta 85 MC f1.7 rokkor X

very rare minolta produced this serie of lens only 1 year and change it to 85 f2.Got very great reputation.

I really appreciate this lens .Great skintone very natural , soft and ofcause, great depth of feild.


this was taken by E3 natural mode 851.7@ f1.7

this was taken by E3 natural mode 851.7@ f 2.8~4

this was taken by E3 natural mode 58 f1.4 @ 1.4


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