Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enna Ennalyt 28mm f3.5

Enna Ennalyt 28mm f3.5 (Legendary German lens)
Enna, M√ľnchen
Enna stand for German optical firm .start in 1953 . Firstly produced lens in Exakta mount.

the one that i have Ennayst 28mm f3.5 is M42 mount. I'm not sure weather is the same but some have written on the lens that it's macro lens
The image that i got from this lens is pretty sharp even at the brightest F.
Very low distrotion, even in very close distance showing no Distortion different from other 28mm lens.
The only one bad thing about Enna i found is the housing of the lens is made by plastic even the lens mount.Any way it's still focus smooth and pretty much satisfiction.

here are some example of this lens shooting with E3+panasonic dwc fl 500.
with f8 apature.