Sunday, December 6, 2009

Legendary minolta

Legendary Minolta MD lens

Minolta with the great reputation Leica like ?

Many people believe that leica and Minolta are a lot alike ,Differently the true is Minolta only design some SLR film body for leica, perhaps Leica just order Minolta to made for them. However , Minolta have very outstanding lens which doesn’t have anything to do with Leica.The very Minolta lens have a radioactive code with made Minolta lens very unique casting very worm soft tone.
Sadly these great lens can only be used by 4/3 and micro 4/3.

Here are some lens which I tested

Minolta 58 MD f1.4 rokker PF

Very famous in film era ,great warm cast tone .Pretty cheap compare to what you get. I got this from ebay

around 70-90 $. Also have less distortion than others 50mm lens.

Minolta 85 MC f1.7 rokkor X

very rare minolta produced this serie of lens only 1 year and change it to 85 f2.Got very great reputation.

I really appreciate this lens .Great skintone very natural , soft and ofcause, great depth of feild.


this was taken by E3 natural mode 851.7@ f1.7

this was taken by E3 natural mode 851.7@ f 2.8~4

this was taken by E3 natural mode 58 f1.4 @ 1.4


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enna Ennalyt 28mm f3.5

Enna Ennalyt 28mm f3.5 (Legendary German lens)
Enna, München
Enna stand for German optical firm .start in 1953 . Firstly produced lens in Exakta mount.

the one that i have Ennayst 28mm f3.5 is M42 mount. I'm not sure weather is the same but some have written on the lens that it's macro lens
The image that i got from this lens is pretty sharp even at the brightest F.
Very low distrotion, even in very close distance showing no Distortion different from other 28mm lens.
The only one bad thing about Enna i found is the housing of the lens is made by plastic even the lens mount.Any way it's still focus smooth and pretty much satisfiction.

here are some example of this lens shooting with E3+panasonic dwc fl 500.
with f8 apature.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Testing on wide angle macro lens

Since there many asking me about how good is the Wide angle macro ?
it's really can took a deep close pic?

By my best of act i did take some of my 28 mm lens which are.
Enna Ennayst 28mm f3.5 (Legendary German lens)
Miranda 28mm f2.8 macro ( It's said this was made by cosina and ofcause made in Japan)
and another Ruvuenon 35 f2.8 jsut for compare the min distance.
With the simply method to test just some small roses and chillies and some chinese clay dolls.
On Olympus E3 camera, Manual mode + flash panasonic DWC FL500

the result show as this.
Enna 28 f3.5 . even it's doesn't have any written down that it has macro fuction but it could come close to the distance of 15-20 cm. Sharp with all detail high contrast.

Miranda 28mm f2.8 The closest distance is around 20-25 cm. the advantage of the lighter apature the figure from the lens, it's very soft. But the sharp and contrast quality. Any i quite satify with this lens and it's really impress me.

Revuenon 35 f2.8
just to campare the closest distance. The closest distance is around 40-50 cm.

There are some bias on this experiment. Since i didn't use all the same f and the flash is left on auto in some shots. I was just try to lets people get the whole idea of the closest shot of wide angle lens. These len might have better performace on other captuer or models.
see larger image at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tamron adaptall 2 35-70 &70-150

Tamron adaptall 2 35-70 &70-150

Focal length : 35-70 Macro 1:2.8
Maximum aperture : 3.5(all range)
FILTER : 58 mm
Weight : 0.330 kg
Min focusing range : 0.25 m
Focal length : 70-150 Macro 1:2.8
Maximum aperture : 3.5(all range)
FILTER : 49 mm
Weight : 0.459 kg
Min focusing range : 0.70 m

These are both Tamron adaptall 2 With f3.5 allrange. use with adaptall adaptor.
both are not quite famous . But as i have test it's gave me very fine out put.
I think it's really perfect range annd reasonable prize.


Ledendary Tamron Sp 52b

Ledendary Tamron Sp 52b
Focal length : 90 mm Macro 1:2
Maximum aperture : F 2.5
FILTER : 49 mm
Weight :0.42 kg
Min focusing range : 0.39 m
This has been clain that was design by leica.Perform well with Tamron adaptall 2x convertor which turn it to become macro 1:1. this lens really work well with adaptall sp 2X verysharp .I could say very lilttle sharpness loss in macro photography.

picture capture by E3 , Tamron 90mm + tamron sp2X+ olympus ring glash T10

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tamron VS 3M-5CA

Tamron VS 3M-5CA

Tamron was built in Schmidt-Cassegrain designs differrence from most Russian lens which area Maksutov design

They are both in the same market share. 3M-5CA stand for latest russian Msksutov mirroe and Tamron stand for latest series of 500mm mirror too. Tamron seem to be brighter than 3M-5CA at the same speed. and got lil bit feature that can take close up at 1.70 m while 3M-5CA at 4.00 m. but The price are higher too Tamron ~ 250-300$ 3M-5CA ~ 150-200$ ( with out shipping)
weigh Tamron [0.595 kg] 3M-5CA [0.620 kg]
SIZE Tamron [87 x 91.5 mm] 3M-5CA [ 83 x 139 mm]
FILTER Tamron[ 82 mm] 3M-5CA [ 72mm]
Min focusing range : Tamron[1.70 m ] 3M-5CA [4.00m ]

for futher detail on each lens

compare size

compare photo at infinity
compare sharp ness

(Schmidt -Cassegrain) was invented by Bernhard Schmide in 1930 by using Primary mirror in Spherical type and using lens called "Corrector Plate" in aspheric element for Primary Mir ror
(Maksutov Cassegrain) was invented by Dmitri Maksutov in 1941.there aren't much different from Schmidt-Cassegrain, just a Corrector Plate was in deeply curved spherical meniscus lens which made the Maksutov limitation ,hard to make in big size. and that make msksutov limit size at 7" or perhaps hard to build bigger than this.

picture from

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tamron SP 500 f8

Tamron SP (55BB) F8 / 500mm Schmidt-Cassegrain design Mirror lens

Focal length : 500 mm Macro 1:3
Maximum aperture : F 8 (fixed)
Overall dimension : 87 x 91.5 mm
FILTER : 82 mm
Weight : 0.595 kg
Min focusing range : 1.70 m

Tamron Sp was one fine mirror lens. it's pretty quite famous and well known. This version was the redesign of the 55b ( The famous sp series design by leica , have the vertical stripe on focus ring as if leica lens have) to fix some lil optic problem(close focus spherical aberration).They were first produce in 1983 and discontinue in 2005. Woking with tamron adapt to all (mine 's om mount).

picture from

some picture taken by tamron ( woking with olympus E3 iso 800 , A mode)

reference credit