Saturday, September 26, 2009

Testing on wide angle macro lens

Since there many asking me about how good is the Wide angle macro ?
it's really can took a deep close pic?

By my best of act i did take some of my 28 mm lens which are.
Enna Ennayst 28mm f3.5 (Legendary German lens)
Miranda 28mm f2.8 macro ( It's said this was made by cosina and ofcause made in Japan)
and another Ruvuenon 35 f2.8 jsut for compare the min distance.
With the simply method to test just some small roses and chillies and some chinese clay dolls.
On Olympus E3 camera, Manual mode + flash panasonic DWC FL500

the result show as this.
Enna 28 f3.5 . even it's doesn't have any written down that it has macro fuction but it could come close to the distance of 15-20 cm. Sharp with all detail high contrast.

Miranda 28mm f2.8 The closest distance is around 20-25 cm. the advantage of the lighter apature the figure from the lens, it's very soft. But the sharp and contrast quality. Any i quite satify with this lens and it's really impress me.

Revuenon 35 f2.8
just to campare the closest distance. The closest distance is around 40-50 cm.

There are some bias on this experiment. Since i didn't use all the same f and the flash is left on auto in some shots. I was just try to lets people get the whole idea of the closest shot of wide angle lens. These len might have better performace on other captuer or models.
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