Friday, June 19, 2009

Carsen 135 f2.8 [macro]

Carsen 135 f 2.8 macro macro 1:5
Focal length : 135 mm
Maximum aperture : F2.8-16
Overall dimension : 62 x 82 mm
FILTER : 52 mm
Weight : - kg
(having meature yet )
Min focusing range : 1.
50 m

Carsen is a Canadian medical company mostly producing mircroscope stuff .In 1949 Carsen forged a relationship with Japan's Olympus Optical Company Ltd. and become a distributer for olympus product in canada using the name of W. Carsen Co. until year 2000.
I'm not sure if which company actually build this lens some said that it's similar to sear 135 f2.8
and if it's so, It will be made by Tonika .
hear are some picture i took by this lens (with olympus E3).

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